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Students Exchange Program

Exchange Program

Studying abroad has many advantages and has a positive effect on the prospective professional career. Please contact the Manager Internationalization for any questions regarding the exchange program at Popakademie. Here is some general information, find more specific information about the degree programs here.

Information for exchange students from abroad


Philosophy and goals

  • enable students to gain experience in other European countries - in a lingusitic, cultural and technical way
  • enrich the education at the host university
  • promote the cooperation between host and home institution
  • enrich the society in general, as the students are trained to be qualified young academics, who are open-minded and internationally experienced
  • provide part of the costs in order to allow the students to afford the time abroad
  • create and develop intercultural links between students, lecturers and partner institutions with respect to european art and european economy.
  • insight into the music business and pop cultural mentality as well as into the way of working in another country
  • create multicultural bands, who are able to transfer the idea of Europe into popular music.


Benefits for students

  • Study abroad for one semester at a partner university of the home university.
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host institution
  • A mobility grant for disabled students is available to a limited extent
  • Acquisition of external scholarship funds by the partner institutions.
  • Individual advice of potential exchange students.


The Pop Academy has an ERASMUS University Charter. The European Commission combined its various initiatives in the field of education in one single program, which is called Lifelong Learning. Erasmus became part of the Lifelong Learning Program of the EU in 2007. Since then it covers as well corporate internships for students as well as the advanced education for employees of the university abroad. Furthermore it enables  lectureships of individuals from the private sector.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship of the charitable state foundation of Baden-Wuerttemberg gGmbH promotes the international exchange of particularly qualified young people. The scholarship applies to students of public institutions of the tertiary field of education (universities, universities of education, art and music universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of cooperative education) and comparable universities abroad.


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